Sunday, August 23, 2009


Niagara Falls is a Canadian city of 83,184 (as of 2008) residents[1] on the Niagara River in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario. It lies across the river from Niagara Falls, New York, and was incorporated on June 12, 1903.

The city is dominated by Niagara Falls, a world famous set of two large waterfalls on the Niagara River and benefits from the fact that both falls, the American and Horseshoe, can be best seen from the Canadian side of the river, thus presenting the city one of the major tourist attractions of the world. The natural spectacle brings in millions of tourists yearly. The city permitted the development of a tourist area along the falls and the gorge. This area which stretches along the Niagara River parkway and tourist promenade is particularly concentrated at the brink of the falls and, apart from the natural attractions along the river, includes huge parking lots, souvenir shops, observation towers, high-rise-hotels, casinos and theatres, mostly with colourful neon billboards and advertisements. Further to the north or south there are golf courses alongside historic sites from the War of 1812.


The Niagara Falls area has seen continuous settlement since the 17th century, first by the Iroquois and then by Europeans who were drawn to the immense falls. Louis Hennepin, a French priest, is regarded as the first European to visit the area in the 1670s.

Tourism started in the early 19th century and has been a vital part of the local economy since that time. As well as the obvious attractions of the falls, Niagara Falls markets itself as a honeymoon destination and is self-proclaimed as the honeymoon capital of the world. In 1953, Marilyn Monroe filmed Niagara (1953 film), a major event for the city.

In 1963, the city absorbed the surrounding Stamford Township, resulting in a doubling of population.

With the creation of a Niagara regional government in 1970, the city amalgamated with the village of Chippawa, Willoughby Township and part of Crowland Township, creating the present-day municipal boundaries.

The City's Official Historian is Sherman Zavitz, who gives regular radio broadcasts on many aspects of Niagara's history

Friday, August 21, 2009


im blogging after a long time....... i guess the long time has become too long.........
just had a long vacation........
so im back 2 may be now u would see me blog more & better !!!!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009


guess wat ????????

this is gonna b my bestes ever blog post i guess !!!!!!!1

& guess wat is gonna b..............its bout rating our very own bollywood beauties !!!!!!!!

awesome na ???? is d dhamakka !!!!!!!!

1) kareena kapoor ............

2) katrina kaif .........

3)priyanka chopra ........

4) sonam kapoor ......


6) asin

7) genilia

8) neha dhupia

9) soha ali khan

10) priety zinta

Thursday, May 07, 2009


guess wat guys....ppl wanted me 2 they dint have anything 2 read........
wow.......dats so nice......ppl r reading my blog.......& dat really inspires me 2 blog more.....but then wen ever i sit in front of my comp i dont ahve d mood 2 blog..its bcoz im adicted 2 orkut & fb !!!!!!! so d whole day i just chaat.......& do nothing.........
but now i make one my resolutions.........2 blog leats once !!!!!!!

& guess wat inspires me more 2 blog..its bcoz i have 2 unknown followers ......who follow my blog......& i dont even know them........thanxx a lot guys........(if ur reading this post, hope u read it) & its dat my blogs in demand.....(i guess)...i recieved one unkown gud comment.....dats also really nice.......

so as i have made my new resoluiton 2 blog evryday at least once.....i will definetly follow it......


Mangoes belong to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous species of tropical fruiting trees in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The mango is indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent Cultivated in many tropical regions and distributed widely in the world, mango is one of the most extensively exploited fruits for food, juice, flavor, fragrance and color, making it a common ingredient in new functional foods often called superfruits. Its leaves are ritually used as floral decorations at weddings and religious ceremonies. It is also the national fruit of India.

'Mango' comes from Portuguese manga, which is probably from Malayalam manga. The origin of the -o ending is unclear. The first recorded attestation of the word in a European language is in the following passage (in Italian) referring to Kozhikode: "Se troua quiui anchora unaltro fructo che se chiama Amba, el pede suo se chiama Manga." Its first recorded occurrence in certain languages, for instance post-classical Latin , and French , (both as manga), appears to be in translations of this text. The relevant passage was not translated into English but may have had an indirect influence.

Mango trees (Mangifera indica L.) reach 35-40 m in height, with a crown radius of 10 m. The tree is long-lived with some specimens known to be over 300 years old and still fruiting. In deep soil the taproot descends to a depth of 20 ft, and the profuse, wide-spreading feeder roots also send down many anchor roots which penetrate for several feet. The leaves are evergreen, alternate, simple, 15-35 cm long and 6-16 cm broad; when the leaves are young they are orange-pink, rapidly changing to a dark glossy red, then dark green as they mature. The flowers are produced in terminal panicles 10-40 cm long; each flower is small and white with five petals 5-10 mm long, with a mild sweet odor suggestive of lily of the valley. The fruit takes from three to six months to ripen.
The ripe fruit is variable in size and color, and may be yellow, orange, red or green when ripe, depending on the cultivar. When ripe, the unpeeled fruit gives off a distinctive resinous sweet smell. In its center is a single flat oblong seed that can be fibrous or hairy on the surface, depending on the cultivar. Inside the seed coat 1-2 mm thick is a thin lining covering a single embryo, 4-7 cm long, 3-4 cm wide, and 1 cm thick.

hey guys i just love posted this one..........& i know ppl who hate bestest frend hates int it crazzy !!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


hey.........guess wats d big bounce ????

its d bounce back of royal challengers !!!!! last they won a match after a bluemoon !!!!!
& they won d match against kolkata knight riders ........i hate themmmmm.......d reason being the played very well in last years ipl 's first match & RCB lost 2 rcb took d revenge.....thanxx 2 mark boucher !!!!!!11

& all d teams get ready coz here they cum 2 smash u !!!!!!!!

all d best RCB .......

Sunday, April 26, 2009


after all i support RCB... but ya...everyone has a second choice so even i do have a second choice.........

guess who is my second choice.......????????

well.......let me tell......
its the DECCAN CHARGERS........
& do u guys know y they r my second favourites.......ya.........becoz hyderabad is my second favourite no its not 4 any luck or sumthing.....its bcoz dat was d first place i ahd gone with my frendz on a trip !!!!!!!!!11
dat was awesome.......& a really amazing experience........the place rocked......& infact we guys had a blast dats y its my favourite place & dats y dceccan chargers is my second favourite team.......( second.......always remember )

& u know wat even sania mirza is frm hyderabad......ya i just love her.............shez my role model !!!

letz just pray dat that d RCB & DC go 2 the finals & let RCB win the finals !!!!